10 Things You Should Know About The SAM-e Supplement

Facts About The Sam-E Supplement1. What exactly is SAM-e, and what should I know about it?

SAM-e is a health supplement which is manufactured from methionine, which is a leading amino acid, naturally found in the human body, and ATP, which is likewise a naturally occurring organic compound. These two ingredients are naturally present within every living, healthy cell in a normally functioning human body. SAM-e was first created and manufactured in Europe, and within the last few decades has become a leading antidepressant medication, which has achieved startling results in thousands of patients the world over. SAM-e is just now beginning to be manufactured and distributed in the United States, with similarly stellar results.

 2. What is SAM-e short for?

SAM-e is short for S-adenosylmethionine. You can see why we prefer to shorten the description to SAM-e, which rolls much easier off one’s tongue!

 3. Why is it necessary for some people to make use of SAM-e?

Although, as noted above, the ingredients of SAM-e occur naturally in every living cell in a healthy, normally functioning human body, the levels of SAM-e present in that body do tend to decline with age. For some individuals, such a decline may lead to symptoms of depression, which can range from mild to quite severe. In such individuals that are afflicted with severe symptoms of depression, the lack of SAM-e may be a “trigger” (or contributing factor) toward a total lack of ability to function normally as a busy, productive, individual.

For some one who has been a happy, well balanced, individual throughout most of their life, the sudden lack of normal SAM-e levels in their system may produce quite a shocking change in their visible behavior, and they may indeed develop symptoms of severe depression.

 4. What is the normal dosage of SAM-e?

SAM-e is a pill based medication, the normal dosage of which is one pill consisting of 200 mg. The average prescribed dosage of SAM-e is half of one pill, which it is normally best to take with your breakfast each morning. In some cases, chiefly those in which the individual is already known to be suffering from symptoms of severe depression, the dosage may be directed as one full tablet per day.

However, many individuals, whose depression is not quite so severe, tend to do very well with half or a quarter of a tablet taken at breakfast each morning. It is wise to keep in mind that SAM-e is a very powerful medication, and that the correct, effective, dosage will vary with each individual.

 5. What are some of the proven medical benefits of SAM-e?

Many dozens of scientific studies have confirmed the fact that SAM-e is proven to help individuals it is prescribed to to regain their sense of well being, both physically and mentally. Restoring the body’s correct natural balance of SAM-e has likewise been scientifically proven to aid immeasurably in restoring a positive outlook on life. SAM-e accomplishes this laudable goal by traversing the body’s natural blood-brain barrier, and directly affecting the manufacture and activities of vitally important chemicals in the brain (chiefly, neurotransmitters).

 6. What else is SAM-e important for, besides mental well being?

Once SAM-e has accomplished its goal of succeeding in getting the various chemicals of the brain “back on track”, it is also able to benefit the body in other areas as well. Some of these additional benefits include the ability of SAM-e to increase the comfort of the joints in one’s body, as well as relieving pressure in the spine, hips, ankles, and knees. The presence of correct levels of SAM-e in one’s system is especially important to increasing and then maintaining proper health in the joints of your body, because SAM-e also plays an important role in the formation of cartilage.

 7. Have there been any recent, documented studies proving the positive effects of using SAM-e?

Indeed, there have been. A study conducted last year at the Massachusetts General Hospital, in the American city of Boston, proved conclusively that SAM-e contains several vitalizing benefits that other leading “competitors”, such as Prozac and the like, completely fail to provide. A 30 day study was conducted, in which SAM-e was tested, along with Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and others, in order to ascertain which supplement had the most efficacy in treating symptoms of severe depression in selected patients.

Interestingly, SAM-e was saved for last, and was not provided to the patients in this study group until it was conclusively determined that Paxil and the like had failed to relieve symptoms of severe depression, including suicidal thoughts. Since then, other studies have been conducted, which point conclusively to the same determination.

 8. How long does it take for most patients to feel the beneficial effects of SAM-e?

During the course of the above mentioned study at Massachusetts General Hospital, it was ascertained by researchers that, when SAM-e was added to the daily treatment of these patients, they began to show increasingly healthy physical and mental outlooks within a period of six weeks. By the time this six weeks had elapsed, over half of them were showing massive improvement of their physical and mental symptoms, and 40 percent of them were reported to be in complete remission. So, six weeks seems to be the generally accepted time period by which most individuals will begin to show a marked improvement in health.

 9. Can taking SAM-e cure degenerate gambling?

Believe it or not, some patients who have been dealing with gambling addiction have reported that taking SAM-e regularly for a period of three too four weeks has caused a serious reduction in the urge they experience to gamble. This seems to be a byproduct of SAM-e’s ability to allow its users to focus more clearly on important day to day tasks and general, rational, thinking. While such an improvement may not precisely constitute a “cure”, it is certainly a manifestation of clear improvement in the mental health of the individual.

 10. Are there any known side effects of SAM-e?

It has been determined that repeated high doses, or overdoses, of SAM-e can produce several debilitating side effects. These tend to manifest as increased anxiety, paranoia, or restlessness, as well as insomnia and migraines. For the sake of your own health and well being, always make sure to follow the instructions of your health care provider when taking SAM-e, to insure that these and other side effects do not occur.

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